mental health awareness week
Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s nearing the end of May and it’s Mental Health Awareness week. So the timing couldn’t be more helpful to remind us about looking after our mental health.

We are facing a mental health emergency thanks to the outbreak of Covid-19. People are struggling through lockdown, the tragic loss of loved ones, and the fear and uncertainty that comes with such an unprecedented event.

Of course the greatest impact is stress coupled with anxiety at what could happen and how we get through Coronavirus.

The Mental Health Foundation has published some great resources to help people as we all struggle with today’s challenges. Looking after your mental health is just as important as staying safe.

Knowledge and tools to manage your mental health

In our coming blogs, we’re going to focus on stress and arm you with the knowledge and tools you need;

  1. Understand how stress affects you
  2. Understand why you’re stressed and what causes it
  3. Strategies and tools to deal with stress

Identity Resource supporting individuals and businesses

Neurolinguistic programming
Helping people to become a better version of themselves

Identity Resource is a community. It provides its members with the tools required to become the best version of themselves personally and professionally.

Our approach is to encourage the notion that we are all in the same boat. Vulnerable and human with a desire to make life better. Nobody is alone in their struggles. And there is a scientific reason why every one of us feels the way that we do.

The good news is that we are not destined to stay that way if we don't want to. The brain is flexible. With enough practice we can introduce healthier more helpful reactions to everyday situations, even those beyond our control.

But back to looking after your Mental Health

Sometimes looking after your mental health is left by the way as we get on with our busy lives. Even though the pace of life has slowed, our mental health is suffering thanks to the very different challenges we are living through.

Look out for our blog series, share this article with your contacts, and make sure that you put in place the tools that you need to look after yourself!

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