1-2-1 Personal Coaching

Supporting your journey to discover the best version of you

You work hard, have a varied and happy life, but you’ve identified that something isn’t quite right. So you’ve decided to take the first steps to improve your wellbeing and making positive change in your life.

We’ll work with you on a 1-2-1 basis by using a range of techniques designed to help you to understand your thoughts and emotions. We’ll help you to learn and embed in your subconscious the strategies and tools that you can draw upon to help you manage your emotional responses to situations. Not only that, but it can help you to make positive changes in your life, like giving up smoking.



Examples of where coaching might help

Relationship Management
Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss

Our positive change tools

We have a simple process that puts you in the driving seat so that we can work together to achieve your personal goals.

We’ll use therapies and techniques to support you from our portfolio including;

We create a truly bespoke experience for every single client, tailored precisely to your particular needs, personal goals and personality, based on the information that we gather from you.

Session format

Session 1

Duration: An hour and a half

During that time we discuss all of the information that you will have shared with us through our initial discovery, discuss what you want to achieve, the barriers to those achievements.

Think of this session as a ‘triage’. We’ll assess everything that we discuss, and develop a suitable package of therapies

Session 2 onwards

Duration: 1 hour

These are your therapy sessions, where we will work with you through the therapies and sessions that we have developed. You can expect each session to be different, deeply rewarding, and require an element of thoughtful contemplation about your thoughts and emotions.

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