Gavin Perrett and David Liddle have known each other for over 25 years, working together in the City and becoming firm friends. During the time that they have known each other they have established 4 successful businesses together.
They have committed themselves to some serious self-development, and continue to learn new things, new skills and strategies to succeed at whatever they turn their minds to, whether business or personal.
Gavin and David believe in the power of the tools that they have learnt and applied to their lives, and wish to pass their learning and experience on to help other people.
Their approach isn’t to ‘prescribe’ the right course of action or interactions, but rather to recognise which tools can be applied to an individual so that they are empowered to overcome everyday problems and achieve their personal goals.
That’s why Gavin and David put so much importance in getting to know their clients during an initial meeting so that they can fully understand what their objectives are, what is preventing them from achieving their goals, and applying the right techniques to get there.
Gavin and David have established Identity Resource so that they can share those experiences, strategies and tools to help people become the best version of themselves.

Welcome to Identity Resource

Identity Resource offers a portfolio of activity based on several different learning methods designed to help businesses and individuals make positive changes to behaviours, business focus and emotional wellbeing. As an individual you may like to become more focussed or productive at work or you may wish to address feelings or choices in your personal life. As a business owner you may want to challenge yourself as a leader, or you may want to provide your team with training to help them be more confident, focussed and therefore more productive. All the tools that we use have great outcomes, but we work with you at the very start to identify which approach is most appropriate for your own objectives and goals.

Positive Change

Are there aspects of your life that you would love to ‘tweak’, stop, start or learn to live alongside? None of these things need hold you back from achieving your personal or professional goals. Let’s talk about phobias, weight, smoking, fears and anxieties.

Personal Wellbeing

Stress, Anxiety and Confidence play a huge part in our everyday personal and professional lives. Developing the skills to manage these feelings at home or at work means that you can be the one in control of you. The result is improved health, happiness and greater productivity.

Business Productivity

Focussed, confident and motivated employees produce positive customer experiences, greater productivity and therefore a more profitable business. Apply the same enhanced skills to business leaders and that business
will fly.

Do any of these sound like the things you’d like to achieve for yourself or your business?

You have dreams and ambitions but you feel like something is holding you back. You’ve tried to manage yourself, but you feel like you’re ready to take the next step. We can help you to:


Achieve your personal goals
Manage everyday stressors

Overcome addiction 


Beat fears and phobias



Renew your ambition and drive as a business leader


Identify training and personal development needs


Build happy, healthy, effective teams


Improve your business productivity

Our Testimonials

“Gavin has been mentoring myself and my business partner Danielle Heath this year, and has been a huge support to us both, particularly during this extremely difficult time in business

He is able to look into business subjectively, with all of his professional experience, whilst also creating a space for open and honest discussions, ultimately allowing us to gain clarity and focus as we move ahead.

The support, guidance, insights and mentoring have been invaluable to us and our business growth, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Steph Grainger

Innovate Enterprise Solutions

“I decided to book 3 sessions with Gavin where he guided me step by step on how to identify and deal with the issues I had. Each meeting was most informal, I felt at ease and under no pressure. We covered the issues specific to me and at the end of each session I left with plenty to think about. Each session was followed up with an email summarising everything we had covered and a questionnaire and notes for me to use as guidance. I can’t thank Gavin enough for identifying what was troubling me and I can now live my life with a positive attitude. ”
Rob Price

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