Identity by Design

Discover your true identity and become the best version of you

Identity by Design is a full day workshop designed to take you on a journey of self discovery. If personal discovery is something that you’ve thought about but don’t really know where to start then this is the perfect opportunity! You’ll discover who you really are and renew your sense of purpose. You’ll find out more about your core identity. And how to integrate new thinking and skills into your everyday life to help you manage the curveballs that are sometimes thrown your way.

Life doesn’t always go to plan, and we sometimes face unexpected challenges. It could be divorce, personal change, bereavement, or a change of job. Even positive events like buying your first home, or starting a family can unsettle us.

At those times having a real understanding of who we are and what we want to achieve can be powerful tools to help you overcome adversity.

Our Identity by Design Workshop can help you to discover your emotional and intellectual self, and to reinvest your energies in your true sense of purpose.

What you can expect from Identity by Design

Recognise the difference between Identity and roles
Redefine your Identity
Learn from your past
Recognise the difference between goals and experience
Learn the 7 steps to discovering your Core Identity
Integrate this into all areas of your life
Apply new strategies to help you manage change

By the end of the day you can expect to have rediscovered your core self, and developed an understanding of who you really are. You will have learned about the strategies and tools that you will need to manage your everyday situations and change, and how to apply them. And you will have a good understanding of how to continue to grow and develop so that you can continue on your journey of self discovery.

Session format

Identity by Design is a full day workshop with like-minded people who want to rediscover their true self.

The day includes learning and interactive sessions working in groups and individually.

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