So every year we set our New Year’s resolutions, and every year we- well let’s face it, don’t achieve them. It’s a great idea, but could it be that simply calling them New Year’s resolutions dooms them to failure?

If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time to think along different lines.

Perhaps resolving to do something isn’t as powerful as setting a goal that needs to be achieved. What’s your driver to make change?

Think about this. My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight this year. Will you do it? How much weight? How?


My goal is to exercise and eat properly so I can run 5k by June. 

The end result is the same. You lose weight. But the goal clearer than the resolution, it has a challenge to meet, and a timeline. Not only that but meeting the challenge will give you a level of fitness. How will that affect your life? Will you have instilled a degree of physical resilience? If you can run 5k, then your energy levels will be improved, general fitness increased and metabolism sped up. Your overall health and wellbeing will be improved.

Do you have a long term goal to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle? More on this later.

The same idea applies to personal and business goals. 

Have a listen to this dialogue from Jim Rohn. In it, he talks about goal setting, the different sorts of goals, and how he categorizes them.


Jim Rohn: HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL (Jim Rohn Motivation)

So when you’re thinking of setting your goals for 2021 what are your considerations?

Are they simply things that you want to achieve quickly, or do your goals for 2021- what you used to call your New Year’s Resolutions – feed into larger, long term goals?
Think of your goals as part of an overall strategy;

Short term

These are your goals for this week, this month, this year. 

They could be financial. Clearing debts, saving money, or investing in something. Or things. Maybe you want to buy something, or own something. A home, a new sofa, anything. And personal development. Learning a new skill, a language, building personal resilience, or leadership skills.

 Long term

These are your larger, longer term goals. It could be to own your own home, have children, build a property portfolio, secure financial independence. 

The goals are what you choose, for you. Your short term goals work to feed into the achievement of your long term goals. You could call them your tactical activities to achieve your overall strategic aims. 



So earlier we asked if you have a long term goal to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Your strategic goal. Your short term goals help you work towards achieving this. What you might have called your New Year’s Resolutions. 

This approach will help you to map out what you want to achieve, how you want to live your life and give you a roadmap for your successful future. And no more merry-go-round of setting and failing to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions.

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