Today most people understand what it is, even if it isn’t fully understood as a concept. And the idea of positive mindset in business remains uncharted territory for many entrepreneurs.

Positive mindset is a relatively new subject that has come to the fore in recent years. 

Positive mindset for business

Why should an entrepreneur care about developing a positive mindset?

Surely a business owner is tough enough to cope with any situation and that’s enough right? That’s one way to look at it. But consider this. What if there was a way to manage the situations that cross your ‘desk’ every day without having to rely on negative responses. And if you manage a team of people, how does your mindset affect them, and the productivity in your business?

What do I mean by ‘negative responses’?

Those responses that evoke negative thoughts and emotions- aggression, fear, anger, thoughts of failure, stress, and anxiety. Tackling issues with this approach may work, but what is the cost to you in terms of your long term mental health? And how will your staff respond to this approach? 

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Is good leadership carrot or stick and what has a positive mindset got to do with it?

Or to put it another way, a happy team is proven to be more productive, more innovative, and more creative. And as a consequence, the business is more productive and more profitable.

So is the answer to the question both? Yes of course there are instances where individuals or teams must be spoken to and suitable actions can then be taken. 

Most of the time teams perform well so there’s no need for the ‘stick’, so no need to communicate much more than what’s necessary right? 

Is that really the answer? There are plenty of businesses that operate this way. 

Is there a better way to manage business challenges?

Yes, there is. This is where the idea of a positive mindset comes in. So let’s challenge the status quo. 

First, a member of staff has done something that requires a conversation. Rather than focus on the error, consider what your staff member needs to learn, or what support they may need to improve their own wellbeing, personal development, or business skills. How much more valued will they be if you invest in them rather than use the ‘stick’ approach?

Second, when things are going well. Have you thought about celebrating success? And if your team is successful, what steps can you take to help them become even more successful? Investment at this stage could pay dividends in terms of business growth. It’s far too easy to enjoy success in your business, but only constant development in your systems, staff, and structures will ensure continued growth. And a negative or even neutral mindset won’t give you the drive, or your team the inspiration, to drive your business forward.

So what is a positive mindset?


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Is there a way to understand the people in your business?

DiSC Profiling is a method used to assess the personality traits of people in your business. It can be used at interview stage to assess the suitability of people to join your business and to help you assess individual personal development needs. 


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