At Identity Resource, we work alongside you in your business to achieve our common goal to improve your profitability.

To achieve that we look at everything that you do, and develop two key areas. You and the leadership skills of your senior staff, and your team. Developing the individuals, key skills to increase output per worker, identify future team leaders and individuals to fill leadership roles, and improve team cohesion.

Our aim is to build trust and long-term relationships with you and the people in your business. We believe that this approach is more effective in the long term, rather than the in-and-out or one-off training sessions that may not gain traction in businesses. 

We also believe that developing leadership potential, communications, and management skills is a process that can only be absorbed and embedded over a period of time. 

How often have you funded a training course and for the first few weeks everything is great, but after a while, the old habits creep back in?

Our approach means that we can learn how your teams work, get to know how every team member operates and how they interact with the rest of your staff and work towards a cohesive group of people. So as we deliver our coaching, whether that’s small group, one-to-one, or whole teams, we observe and learn so that we can tailor what we deliver to meet the needs of your team members as individual parts of the whole.

What that means is that your team development is embedded with all staff, whether they are early adopters, learn by applying knowledge, or need extra time to absorb key skills through team building activities and our coaching sessions.

Identity Resource: building leadership skills, team cohesion and productivityBespoke Coaching for leadership skills, team cohesion, and productivity

Nothing we deliver comes “off the shelf”. Of course, every business has similarities in structure, requirements, and drive to improve productivity and increase profitability. But every individual in your business is unique, with unique ambitions, combinations of skills, and personality traits, and that is the real challenge when you factor productivity into the mix. 

So our delivery to you is tailored specifically to the needs of your business. So no textbooks, no buzzwords, and nothing you can find in a google search. We draw on our own extensive knowledge of 25 years in business, our experience in the field of business coaching and development, and our constant personal and professional development. 

In short, we can bring a valuable, effective, and cost-effective resource into your business to work alongside you to develop the key leadership skills, communication skills, and team development that will drive productivity and ultimately profitability in your business. 

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