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Positive Mindset: Am I getting in the way of my own Success?

  Today most people understand what it is, even if it isn't fully understood as a concept. And the idea of positive mindset in business remains uncharted territory for many entrepreneurs. Positive mindset is a relatively new subject that has come to the fore...

How Stress Affects Us All

All of the worries and concerns that you may have could be multiplied many times over and raise your stress levels as our world battles the Coronavirus pandemic. But there is help at hand to help you manage your stress levels.

Positive Mindset: 3 Questions Answered

A positive mindset is, quite simply, a state of mind that can be learnt, maintained and developed. It can help us to manage difficult situations, stress, challenges and overcome adversity in our lives. it is also a powerful driver for personal development and improvement.

Are your Thoughts and Emotions Driving You? Our 4 Tips to Put you in the Driving Seat

In my previous blog, I looked at the anxiety of change and the tools that you can use to manage that anxiety and help it dissipate. The last few months living through Coronavirus and lockdown have left jumbled thoughts and emotions thanks to the dramatic changes in all our lives. And now that we are slowly coming out of lockdown we are experiencing a whole new jumble to work through.

Dealing with Pressure and Stress

How do you deal with everyday stress?Do you know what the triggers are that cause you stress?We’ve made some suggestions in previous blogs in this series, but they might not be what affects you. Identifying what they...

You’re Under Stress Right? But Why?

support for stress and anxietyThere are many different events or triggers that can cause stress during our daily lives. Most of the time we manage perfectly well, but sometimes stress can become toxic.What Causes me...

Looking after your Mental Health during Covid-19

We are facing a mental health emergency thanks to the outbreak of Covid-19 as people struggle through lockdown, the tragic loss of loved ones, and the fear and uncertainty that comes with such an unprecedented event.